The Sotirium team has taken extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our valued guests. ❤️  Read more

Thanks to everyone who picked up food! Greek Fest At Home was a success. You can continue to shop here any time of here.

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We are pleased to present to you the online version of a favourite drop-by location at Ottawa's famous Greek Fest: The Monastiraki.

These unprecedented times have posed changes to the way we all live. As always, we band together and strive to make the best of it. This year, there won't be the traditional Greek Fest that the residents of Ottawa have all grown to know and love. That being said, we have created a safe place to do all of the browsing and shopping our beloved guests have enjoyed for over 30 years; welcome to the online version of the classic Monastiraki. Browse around the portal for items you're accustom to seeing under the tent; from silver jewelry, to evil eye bracelets and Orthodox Icons. For an immediate response to a question or concern you may have, use the red chat bubble or call or text us at 819-328-8400.

Precision in detail. Bold with design. From our variety of chains, to our huge selection of pendants, make our collection of silver jewelry your new obsession.


Trendy designs. Helpful variety. Backed by decades of experience. Now shipping jewelry for everyone, anywhere in Canada & the U.S. 

How it works:

Click log in to reconnect with us. Make a hassle free account to receive a code for 20% off the entire store instead of 15%.


If you're from out of Ottawa or just a regular guest at our store or have no interest in Greek Fest, you can continue shopping as usual with the regular inventory. No changes have been made to our inventory or normal state of operations. Sotirium also supplies the usual 11 day Greek Fest with tons of other products.


Browse around for items you're used to seeing and buying under the tent; we've added as much inventory as possible to make the experience as authentic as we can. More will be added throughout the week and stay active in following months for your convenience. If there's something missing, we might have it. Call us at 819-328-8400 and let us know what it is.


Your shopping cart will be either shipped or safely delivered to you in anywhere from 10 - 21 days. No returns, but exchange/store credit is available. We accept debit, credit and paypal. As always, we ship anywhere in Canada & the U.S. 


During the festival (and until September 6th) half of our proceeds from all sales will go to the Hellenic Community of Ottawa. Thank you for supporting a primarily volunteer driven event when we feel it needs it the most. Use the code below for 15% off the entire store, and so we can keep track.



Please click here or the link below if you can afford to make a one-time donation to help support the HCO and our efforts to:

  • support our Church

  • ensure the continuation of our language and cultural programs we've had for 90+ years

  • the HCO also donates to the community at large (Heart Institute, Ottawa Hospital, CHEO)

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Food order & pick-up:

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