What is Sotirium?

Sotirium is a lustrous collection of sterling silver and solid gold jewelry. We have a growing collection of chains, charms, rings, pendants & earrings; 1300+ products. Currently providing a superior, smooth shopping experience online.

How did this store come about? Who owns it?

I summarize that perfectly here.

What's with the name?

My government first name is Sotirios; silver on the periodic table is represented by Ag⁴⁷ or 'argentum' in latin. I combined the first two-thirds of my name and last third of the word 'argentum', also translating to 'shiny' by some etymologists.  

What's shipping like?

Shipping ranges anywhere from $0 to $12 if you live in Canada. It ranges from $0 to $17 if you're in the US. These are the two countries we currently ship to. For both, it takes 10-21 days with jewelry effectively arriving at the lower end of that range (even during COVID-19). Any order over $150 will be shipped for free.

Is everything in stock?

Occasionally an item goes out of stock before I have a chance to update the website. While this is rare, I'll offer you a solution if you have already purchased the item (higher value alternatives, store credit, waiting until the item comes back, or a combination of solutions).

Can I make a return or exchange?

Although I strive for and am accustom to delivering the highest quality jewelry, people are allowed to change their minds. If you want to make a return or exchange, keep it in good condition. Ship it or bring it back to me and if your order passes the quality assurance test, I'll be able to process your request. You have 14 days from the time of receiving your order to request a return or exchange. 

Do you collect data?

I am a FIRM believer in absolute rights to privacy and control of your own information. I'm an active ally in the fight to enforce these rights all over the internet. Sotirium does not collect, process, or use any personal information "behind your back" so to speak. If you choose to create an account, I can see only the information you input (chose to share) such as your first and last name and your profile picture. Your phone number, e-mail and address are used for the sole purpose of communicating with you about your order and getting it to you safely by either delivery (in Ottawa) or certified postal service. If you want to create an account to take advantage of discounts but do not want other users to become aware of your existence on Sotirium, you have the option of becoming a private member. Your data is safe on Sotirium.


Precision in detail. Bold with design. From my wide variety of chains, to my insanely deep selection of pendants, make this collection of sterling silver and solid gold jewelry your new obsession.