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A small family business that begun in the early 90's in Ottawa. An ambitious man from Greece opened several storefronts that operated until his retirement from retail around 2010. The aforementioned ambitious man had a son. Said son, began selling many of the same jewelry products by word of mouth, and it went well. We opened an online shop to share our silver & gold with the world and never looked back since.


Shipping ranges anywhere from $0 to $12 if you live in Canada. It ranges from $0 to $17 if you're in the US. These are the two countries we currently ship to. For both, it takes 10-21 days with jewelry effectively arriving at the lower end of that range (even during COVID-19). Any order over $150 will be shipped for free.


At Sotirium, we are firm believers in absolute rights to privacy and control of your own information. We are active allies in the fight to enforce these rights all over the internet. We do not collect, process, or use any personal information "behind your back" so to speak. If you choose to create an account, we can see only the information you input (chose to share with management) such as your first and last name and your profile picture. If you do not want other users to become aware of your existence on Sotirium, you have the option of becoming a private member. Your address and phone number are solely used to contact you and get your products to you safely and quickly. Either way, your info is safe with us. 


Although we strive for and are accustom to delivering the highest quality jewelry, people are allowed to change their minds and things happen. If you want a return or exchange, keep it in good condition. If your order passes our quality assurance test, we will be able to process your request. You have 14 days from the time of receiving your order to request a return or exchange. 




Sotirium is a lustrous collection of sterling silver and gold jewelry; we have chains, charms, rings, pendants & earrings. Proudly offering a huge variety of beautiful designs and delivering excellent customer service have been passions of ours for 30+ years. We now bring you the option of browsing our collection from the comfort of your home, or on the go on your smart phone. We're a team backed by plenty of retail experience and jewelry knowledge. For an immediate response, give us a call or text:  819-328-8400.

Stay on top of our weekly releases of dozens and potentially hundreds of new styles. Make an account for updates on product videos, coupon codes and promotional and/or work opportunities. If you make an account, you can opt in or out of emails.

Official supplier of the Greek Festival of Ottawa.

Thanks to everyone who picked up food or ordered jewelry! Greek Fest At Home was a success. Click here to find out more about our annual pop-up shop at the Hellenic Community of Ottawa and Monastiraki for other products that we sell.